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CESAR in the Space Education International workshop
The CESAR initiative was invited to participate in the Space Education International Workshop in Leiden,The Netherlands, giving a session for teachers from different countries of the European Union.

The European Space Agency in association with the Galileo Teacher Training Program and the European project Space Awareness, organised a five day workshop for about one hundred teachers about space and education during the third week of October.

One of the main purposes of the workshop is to give teachers the power to teach about space using interactive material available online. In this point, CESAR has the right tools for teachers to do it through the already developed solar science cases and the online software developed by CESAR team.

CESAR took advantage of this opportunity, giving a hand-on session of one hour and a half to the teachers of the workshop. We showed them for instance, how their students can measure the rotation period of the Sun, the size of a sunspot using the CESAR solar observatory, or the mass of Jupiter among others.

We received a very positive feedback from teachers who will contact us for collaboration and participation.


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