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65 teachers attended from 7-11 th November to the CTIF workshop at the European Space Astronomy Center

From 7th to 11th of November a group of 65 teachers came to ESAC (European Space Astronomy Center) to learn about the European Space Agency and their scientific missions within the context of a CTIF workshop.



Dr. Michel G. Breitfellner invited our Spanish astronaut Dr. Pedro Duque for the inauguration of the November CTIF workshop held at the European Space Agency base in Madrid. The teachers had the chance to ask him all the questions they had in mind. It was great to see how the adults get as surprised in front of him as the kids. Pedro Duque is our ESA hero.

The workshop was distributed along these lines.

Day  Topic Speaker file
2016/11/07 La Agencia Espacial Europea Dr. Michel G. Breitfellner talk

Astronomía infrarroja - el Universo frío y distante: la misión Herschel

Dr. Pedro Garcia-Lario talk
2016/11/08 Gaia, Cartografiando la Galaxia Dr. Jose Hernandez talk
Aventura espacial en busca de nuestros orígenes
Dr. Miguel Perez Ayucar

talk1, talk2,talk3, talk4, talk5, talk6, talk7


2016/11/10 Exploring the Outer-Solar System: looking for our origins Dr. Nicolas Altobelli talk


On the first day, Dr. Michel G. Breitfellener, ESA Education Coordinator in Spain, explained the European Space Agency activities and in detail those at its unique base in Spain, at the European Space Astronomy Center. These activities comprehend from the development of new missions, running scientific operations, data archival and science exploitation and furthermore education activities (CESAR Team).

On the second day Dr. Pedro Garcia-Lario revealed all the secrets unrevealed by the Herschel mission from the far-infrared mission and Dr. Jose Hernandez explained how the Gaia mission is generating the new star census in our galaxy.

On the third day Dr. Miguel Perez Ayucar, explained in detail all the goals achieved by the Rosetta Mission, the first ESA mission able to analyze the water on a comet 967P Chury-Gerasimenko).


Miguel Perez Ayucar in front of the Rosetta and Philae models.


On the last day, Dr. Nicolas Altobelli explained the amazing discoveries from Saturn and Jupiter from the Cassini-Huygens mission and the Jupiter moons. He also explained how the Jupiter moons will be studied by the Juice mission in the near future.


The teachers declared that this was the best workshop they had in 30 years!


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