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CESAR New Spheric Projection
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The classroom of the future come to our project with this technology globe projection.

Last monday we received a special box from European Space Agency.


What is this?

Is a 60cm 360 degrees projection sphere. In few minutes we think thousands of projections to show in our educational program so last two days we began the creation of new sphere content (audiovisual) to test the limits of this product. CESAR Team - David Cabezas.

Moon phases, Mars surface.

Planet 3D view. In the photo Jupiter, Earth, Mercury.

Solar System moons

ESA missions in the Globe. In the photo satellite SMOS observations.

Stars and constellations. Earth videos and our Sun

Now we are ready to create educational content for schools visits to our CESAR classroom. The technology classroom of the future..

The Evolution of the Classroom Globe

The classroom is rapidly evolving from analog to digital. Chalkboards have evolved into interactive whiteboards, and textbooks are evolving into tablet computers. But the third classroom staple — the printed globe — hasn’t fundamentally changed in hundreds of years. The Magic Planet represents the natural evolution of the ubiquitous classroom globe.

The Magic Planet combines the power of 3D multimedia visualization; the world’s largest library of global content; and a user interface designed and tested for teachers and students alike. It’s a scalable, proven platform that grabs the attention and taps the learning strengths of each student in the classroom.

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